About the Author: 

Dani Kuhl is the Primary Author of the blogs posted here on A Gospel Girl’s Guide. Dani graduated high school in 2016 and decided to postpone a year of college to serve as a missionary with NET Ministries. Dani remembers her year at NET as “A year to remember”, and has no regrets serving as missionary for year. Currently Dani is a student at Franciscan University of Steubenville, double majoring in Communication and Theology.

Writing has been something that Dani has always loved although she expressed that she use to have conditions. “I almost never enjoyed English class in school because they always made me write on a topic that they wanted me to write on. I just wanted to write something that I liked.” She is now excited to be able to get back to writing and being able to share it with others, especially it being about her faith.


20170819_193347899_iOS  Cecilia is the secondary Author of the blogs posted on A Gospel Girl’s Guide. Cecilia is a recent college grad and a California native who has come to see her faith as the most precious gift she’s ever received. Though she’s just as happy to sit on her bed and read a good book, she loves the opportunity to explore a new place, near or far. She finds purpose in remembering that first and foremost she is a daughter of God, and in turning hobbies like writing and taking long walks into ways of drawing closer to her Creator. Currently she is walking with Jesus through the challenges of post-grad life and hoping to make Boston, her home at heart, a permanent home in the near future.

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