Kayla Grace’s Witness

This is Kayla Grace. Her nickname is KG. KG is twenty years old and from the state of Texas. We sat down in the J.C. Williams Center in my college campus, and I was excited to hear how the Lord has worked in KG’s life. It was definitely interesting to interview my roommate and one of my greatest friends. She wanted me to make sure that I make it a point to tell you, the viewers, that it was weird for her too. In her words, “it’s weird because you (I, Dani) know everything about me. It’s like I am talking to myself.” Here is Kayla Grace’s witness.

All glory to God.

What was your faith life like growing up?:

“Growing up I just went through my faith. I did all the things just to please people, it was like a chore. I never really cared, I was like a robot following directions to get through it and maybe get something in the end. I did not care about my faith until about sophomore year of high school.”

Was there a time that you chose your faith?:

“I can’t think of a specific time. I choose my faith every time I wake up in the morning. My motto is: every time I wake up in the morning it’s me choosing Christ in that morning. And that’s how I am going to live my life, because it’s a daily choice to choose him. And everyday is a time I choose my faith.”

Who is God to you?:

“God is my father. He is my creator, He is the almighty, Mam! He is mine. And I am His. I’m so serious. God is so loving, He is my loving father. Simple and sweet.”

How has God worked in your life?:

“He has worked in my life by giving me twenty years of life. He brings me little miracles every day, by my family, or just the little things. Through all the little things that bring me a little more, joy, a little more grace, and a little more faith. He gets me through all the hard crap I go through, you know? Like, without him I am nothing.”

Favorite Saint, Why?:

“Saint Teresa of Calcutta. I want to be her, because she serves without any borders. She just gives herself fully to the people around her. She loves completely. I live by her motto, ‘give your hands to serve and your hearts to love.’ That’s what I want to do, that’s it. I want to serve and love, and that’s all you need to know about me.”

Favorite person from the bible, not Jesus. And why?:

“My favorite story and person from the bible is the Prodigal Son. When the son comes back to his father, it reminds me that I need to go back to my Father for everything. And to not live in the selfish materialism of the world, and to not spend myself on the world, but rather to spend myself with the Father.”

What are ways that you live out your faith daily?:

“Well I try not to be a “butt-head” to people, I have to choose to try not to be like that. I try to serve people like Saint Teresa of Calcutta did. I’ve been told that I’m funny, so I try to bring joy to people. I go to daily mass, and do daily prayer. I have on my “Laudate” app a list of daily prayers that I pray daily. I always wake up and say “Hey Jesus”. I pray to Teresa of Calcutta, because she has my back and she’s there, so I make an effort to her so that she can talk back to me. I try to do a daily rosary, but it doesn’t always work out. I pray the humility prayer every single day because I NEED HUMILITY Y’ALL. I need some humility.”

Is there something you wish everyone knew about God?:

“I want everyone to know the complete sum of how the Lord thirsts for you. We are called onto this earth to satiate His thirst. I wish everyone knew that we are all called to holiness and to be a saint, and all the Lord needs from you, is for you to satiate His thirst. That’s as simple as it can get. He wants you to love him back. Something I said on a retreat the other week was: I am working for the saint in front of my name, not out of my own pride, but so that when I leave this earth I know I did everything I could to satiate the thirst of God.”

Can you close in Prayer?:

“Jesus, thank you for my crazy friend Dani. Thank you for twenty years of life, for crazy friendships, and Saint Teresa of Calcutta pray for me because I am weird. Goodbye. Amen.”

What is your favorite verse?: Proverbs 3:5

Song stuck in my head: Create in Me – Rend Collective


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