Adam’s Witness

This is Adam. Adam is 18 and from the state of Pennsylvania. We met together in a common room at my college. Sitting with Adam was such a blessing to be able to hear how God works in his life. But Adam also gave so much insight of the Lord, which gave me so much to reflect on after this interview. This is how God has worked in Adam’s life:

All glory to God.

What was your faith life like growing up?:

“My faith growing up was good, in the sense that we went to church on Sundays, holy days of obligation, – side note your socks don’t match. I digress… I was home schooled so I spent a lot of time at church. I really fell in love with my faith, but up until high school it was something that I just did. Sophomore year of high school I decided to make my faith my own and to take it seriously and to own it. And it turned from something that my parents wanted for me to something I wanted for myself, and I knew was good and needed for me.”

Was there a time that you chose your faith?:

“Sophomore year, but nothing specific. It wasn’t a big transformation event, but rather happened over time. Things grow in silence. Flowers and even people, they grow slowly and in silence, and that was the case for my faith.”

Who is God to you?:

“God is a Father. He is a provider, and someone who I can trust.”

How has God worked in your life?:

“Mmm. He showed me that you’re never too far gone.”
*Eric and I start jamming and lip syncing the lyrics to a Jordan Feliz song.*
“That Jordan Feliz song? I saw him last summer at creation festival.
But yeah, you’re never too far gone. He has silently worked in the background leading me to where I am now. All the ups and downs throughout my life, He has shown me that I am meant to be here. He gave me a good family and good friends.”

Favorite Saint, Why?:

“My favorite saint is Saint Peter. I picked him as my confirmation saint four years ago, because I relate to him a lot. He messes up a ton, but Jesus chooses to look past that and to see through it, and at the redeeming qualities in Peter.”

Favorite person from the bible, not Jesus. And why?:

“The good thief, because even admits all the suffering he was enduring, and it could have been so easy to blame other people, just as the bad thief did. In a sense he was blaming Jesus for the fact they both were being crucified. But the good thief saw past that, recognized his suffering as a worthy punishment, but Jesus saw his faith, and the fact that he was being honest with himself, and said, ‘Amen I say to you, that today you shall  be with me in Paradise’. ”

What are ways that you live out your faith daily?:

“Daily prayer, daily scripture meditation, daily mass, and being Christ to others. It sounds so easy to be Jesus to other people, it is such a simple motto to live by, but it so hard to live out. You just be Jesus. That’s it. Just BE Jesus.”

Is there something you wish everyone knew about God?:

“There’s several things going through my head. Yeah, God sees you. He notices you. He knows you. And He wants you to be with Him.”

Can you close in prayer?:

Father we thank you, praise you for the gift of this new day. You tell us, in scripture, about yourself. And we tell you in prayer what we want, need, and desire. Give us the desires of  our hearts only such as it lines up with your will. Thank you for the gift of this new day. We know that because you’ve woken up this morning, that you have given us a task, a mission, to accomplish today, for the revelation of your kingdom and the building up of your kingdom. Help us to see your face Lord. Mary, Mother of Divine Grace, pray for us. Saint Paul, pray for us. Saint John Paul 2nd, pray for us.”

What is your favorite verse?: Philippians 1:21

Song stuck in my head: Least of These – Matt Maher


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