All Glory to God

One of the most fascinating things, the greatest thing to share, is how God works in life. A personal witness of how God has worked in one’s life is irrefutable. No one can say “No, that didn’t happen”, because it’s not their experience to reject. And because of this, I think personal witnesses are one of the most powerful things to share with the world. It is an amazing way to share with others how God has worked in one’s life, and how He continues to work in the world.

So I am heading up a blog series based on people’s personal witness. Each week, for the next few weeks, you will hear a different person from around the country’s personal witness to how God has worked in their life.

The hope that I have in doing this is to show people that God is alive, He is still working, and to give them hope that He can work in their lives too.

So with that, let us give all the glory to God.


Prayer: Lord God, I praise you and thank you for working in the hearts of those you love. God I know you love me and that you want to work in and through me. Let me be an instrument and vessel for you. Work in and through me so I can share how you continue to work, love, and amaze those who seek you out. Let me share that so I can give all the glory to you and praise you continually.

Verse: Acts 1:8

Song stuck in my head: Alive Again – Matt Maher


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