The “Moment”

I hope that this is short, sweet, to the point, thought provoking, and full of Jesus.

There’s a trap that a lot of us fall into in our lives. Particularly, in our faith, we wait for those “it” moments to come to us, to finally make everything clear. We wait for God to come to us to finally give us that one BIG moment that those people at church talk about. I think too that we make ourselves wait to make that moment perfect. So that we can say that it was at that conference, that retreat, that grand moment that I fully surrendered to God, that I had my “it” moment.
Yes, you’re right those moments are great. But all I can think is, “praise God, that He doesn’t wait for those big moments to decide to love us or pursue us”. How crazy is that that we wait, that we try to make the moment perfect, that we hesitate?

God doesn’t hesitate. He doesn’t wait, but rather he pursues us at every moment.

       To Him, any moment that you decide to give yourself to him is worth everything. To Him, it doesn’t have to be perfect, or pretty, you don’t need to have it all together, or “look the part”.

I was talking to a friend the other day, and we were just at a praise and worship session. Nothing huge like a conference or retreat, but while people were praising God, she thought to herself, “Why not now? Why not just do it? Why am I holding back? Why do we always hold back and wait for the perfect moment?” At at that moment she decided, that it didn’t have to be perfect. She didn’t have to wait for that retreat to surrender herself to God. But that moment was as good as any.

I think we jip ourselves out a bit. Often putting up masks or walls, trying to guard ourselves from God. Not that we are afraid, but rather we don’t want Him to see the yuck. I laugh at myself while reading this as I look back at all those moments that I tried to get my life together and “look the part” instead of just going to Him as I was.

       —>   Either way, He sees right past it. Who are we kidding when we do that? Nobody.

Don’t wait. Just go. Go running into His arms. Don’t hesitate, don’t over think it. Just go.


Prayer: Come Holy Spirit, come Jesus. God, I ask you to help me to break down those walls and expectations. Help me to give myself to you as I am. I know you are a good, perfect, and loving Father, and that you accept me as I am. Let me not be afraid. I love you….Amen.

Verse: James 4:7

Song stuck in my head: I need you, I love you, I want you. -Tenth Avenue North

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