As I sat on my family couch this morning, taking time for my morning prayer, I was reminded of something that I learned of on the road as a missionary this past year. I was reminded of Seasons. What does “seasons” mean to you? Does the word “seasons” remind you of a spice that you would put on top of a nicely roasted chicken, or does it remind you of the Fall. For myself, I generally think of the four seasons of the year, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter.

But along with the four seasons of the year, there are seasons of your life.

       The season I’m in right now is a season of change, it’s one of the most uncomfortable seasons that I know about. And I think a lot of people are right there with me. The summer is ending, school is starting, possibly you have a new job, new schedule, new friends, new activities, a new school, SO many things are changing. Change is hard because we get so comfortable with where we are.

But comfort is stagnating.

You see,  if comfort is stagnating, then I don’t want to be comfortable. I don’t want to be sitting still, not flowing, dull, or sluggish. I want my life to be an adventure, an adventure with God, an adventure with those around me, living life to the fullest.

“Life with Christ is a wonderful adventure” – Saint John Paul 2

That’s the adventure I want – One with Christ. Because the best part of it is that it’s unpredictable. It’s unpredictable, it’s uncomfortable, and it’s unplanned, but it’s the greatest thing you can and will ever experience.
Deciding to finally be okay with change in my life was hard, I’m not gonna lie. But what came after was so much greater than anything I could have ever imagined.

So with whatever change you are facing in the upcoming season, take comfort in it. Seek out the Lord, and rest in God alone.
 So, my prayer: Lord, make me uncomfortable. Take me wherever your path leads. Guide me, lead me, and take charge. Show me that change is good. Show me more of you.

Scripture verse: Matthew 6:33

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